The Great Date Food War!

Yes guys, this is still Enrique Quintero reporting back for duty this time with a more light-hearted blog on the subject of dating.  This blog was prompted by an emailed question I received from Jim McDonald (JMcD@hotmail.com) who asked:  “Enrique, I want to take a girl out on a romantic date.  Which would you recommend it should be, a lunch date or a dinner date?”

Howdy Jim!  There are pros and cons to both lunch and dinner dates which you should consider before choosing which would be more appropriate.  Since the answer to your question would tend to be a bit long, I dedicated this blog post to discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Recently I have been dating again, and the girl that I am seeing has been asking me for lunch dates although I prefer dinners (for obvious reasons!).  What are the chances that a lunch date is going to lead to anything romantic? On the same note, how much more effective is a dinner date for your romantic advances?

Not a few men have had to ask themselves whether a lunch date is actually a good alternative to the usual dinner dates, or if it is just like wearing your wedding ring for a post-divorce date – it just kills every chance you have on the love department.

Can you possibly make a lunch date as romantic as a date for dinner? If you’re unsure how to get a woman to like you, a romantic date is high up the list. So choose very carefully.

Here is a list showing a comparison of the pros and cons of both lunch and dinner dates when it comes to romance:

Le Lunch Date…

One big disadvantage of a lunch date is you can’t be too intimate with each other.

Lunch dates are commonly deemed as casual and friendly things – you know, like what the girls of Sex and the City do every week – meet up for lunch to talk about their lives. The only thing romantic about their lunch dates with each other are the stories of their latest romantic pursuits. But is it always that way? Here are its pros and cons:


Lunch dates are a safer option. You can see your date’s face more clearly and you are safe from bogus women who want to mug you on your first date.

Lunch dates make for excellent take-off dates.  It is meant for that stage when you and your date are still feeling each other out and you are not yet sure how romantically inclined you are with her.

Lunch dates there allow you to explore your date’s potential without much pressure. The atmosphere is generally lighter and you’re not really obliged to linger because it’s freaking midday!

Lunch dates are perfect for quick dates.

Lunch dates are also almost always cheaper than dinner dates, so this may help if you are financially challenged.


Because they are usually quick, they make it impossible to get to know your dates better.

Lunch dates make women think there’s nothing more to the date and this may hamper your romantic intentions.

Lunch dates make it hard for potential intimacy. Seriously, who sits close to each other in the middle of a brightly lit bistro?

You can’t really get alcohol before 5pm can you?

Le Dinner Date

Dinner dates are romantic. Enough said.

The safest, most common and perhaps most overused type of date around, dinner dates always conjure up images of a dimly lit room, sweet violin music, and a fancy looking restaurant with extra rounds of drinks for you. But what are the cons to this time tested method? Let’s explore:


A dinner date is an upfront declaration of your intention for romance.

It is more intimate, considering more than half of the other people in the room are probably doing the same thing as you.

There’s alcohol at the bar – all night.


It is too tense and too intimate for a first date.

Dinner dates are usually more expensive than lunch dates.

The pressure to go romantic is too high – almost like a declaration of your intention to take the relationship further.


At the end of the day (no pun intended), I guess we can all just say the success of a date is more a matter of how than when or what time of day; the exception being that lunch is more appropriate for a first date.  You can even opt for a coffee date! Find out why coffee dates make great dates. If you play your cards well, then you might just be able to pull off the most romantic lunch date ever!

There Jim and all my other readers out there, I hope that helps.  I welcome comments to this blog and will even answer other dating and relationship questions which you can email to me at enrique@enriquequinterodesign.com or you can simply give me a call at 347 622 8310.

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