Enrique Says: The Mythical Woman!

I am Enrique Quintero, a professional blogger on the interesting subject of dating and relationships.  This blog is about some myths men have about women.

Myths, as you know, have no factual basis.  These myths can be entertaining and generally harmless as long as we don’t end up believing them too much.  Some of the most perilous of these are myths about women which some men actually believe to be true!

Men and women may come from the same species and share the same genetic order, but in many aspects, there are more differences between genders than monkeys and men. This is especially apparent in the dating world. What men find substantial, women find very superficial. And what women find emotionally important, men find to be a matter to shrug off one’s shoulders about.

Myths About Women (As Relayed To Me By My Friend Melanie!)

And man, oh man.  No matter how long men have been seeking out women, they still have not figured out everything about her. Well, besides of mastering the tips on approaching women  or making a good first impression. She is as much a stranger to him as she was in the beginning. And, surprisingly, a lot of men still believe these dating myths about women:

Myth No.1: Women say ‘no’ to play hard to get.

No means no; doubt that and you may end up in jail!  A lot of men think that women just say ‘no’ to punish them and to play hard to get. Sure, women, a lot of women love the chase.  But when she says no to something, believe her; she’s very serious about it! A no is a ‘no’ and you can try to persuade her as much as you want but you cannot ignore boundaries just because you think she does not really mean it. When a girl says no it’s as valid, and serious, as a ‘no’ coming from you. And always remember the difference between persuasion and force.

Myth No. 2: Pretty women are dumb and ugly women are brainy.

This is downright stupid!  First off, we need to stop categorizing women as pretty or ugly; beauty comes in different forms, and believing a narrow definition blinds us to true beauty present in all people. Looks do not really define intellectual capacity.  Case in point, Caroline Ahern, a popular UK comedian who passed away recently, was a stunner yet had an IQ of 176.  If you assume a lady is dumb just because she is pretty gifted in the bosom, wears makeup, and likes dressing up in sexy clothing, you may be setting yourself up for a big and embarrassing fail.

Myth No. 3: Women are too emotional.

While it is true that women are a bit more sensitive than we are, that does not automatically make them “too emotional.”  While the “too emotional” tag may hold a bit of truth at certain times of the month, women are generally no more emotional than men. They are just ‘softer’ because it is their nature to recognize that letting feelings out (and letting the tears flow at times) is a healthy way to move on from something upsetting. [1]

Myth No. 4: She does not like sex; at least not as much as you do.

Oh really?!  Blame it on society that women are wired to be discreet about their sexuality, but believe it or not, women are just as into sex as you are. If she’s not showing you, you may not have been creating an environment where she feels safe, confident and comfortable enough to be intimate. [You may be pushing her too hard at it and in turn, it’s making her shy; that, or maybe you’re not pleasing her well enough in bed.

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