The Alpha Female: Why Dating Independent Women is Sexy

You’ve seen them in films—those women who exude confidence, who have a strong-willed personality, who can pay for their own clothes and bills, and those who love life in general—yes, I’m talking about the independent woman.

The independent woman is coming out of her shell as time goes by, and I can’t help but admire them because of their passion and perseverance. These women aren’t the kind who’d throw a fit when they don’t get their things their way, but instead keep on finding ways to improve their situation and work things out. They are your everyday warriors—be it in the office, at home, or both—and they still manage to make themselves look good while they’re at it.

Some time in May I was able to stumble upon a DTC Water to Wine live event that had Michael D’Amari promoting his book: “Woman Hold the Power”. This guy had a lot of interesting things to say, so I immediately searched YouTube for more of his videos. Here’s one in which D’Amari is explaining why men get intimidated by independent women. I say that it’s making a lot of sense, as seen from a man and a woman’s perspective:

Quite refreshing, isn’t it? But no matter what is being said, it all boils down to this– having an independent woman on your side means your relationship is more likely to grow more every day—and here’s why.

They know what they want. What sets the independent woman from the rest is that they truly know what they want AND know how to get it on their own. In dating, this is always good, because there’s no need for you to decipher what she wants from you. She will most likely tell it to you in a very direct but tactful way, so don’t act surprised if she will give you pointers on how to do it right the next time. Trust me—it’s all for the better.

They won’t give up that easily. Most independent women are successful in their own ways. They have, probably exerted a little more effort in order for them to reach that top position in that reputable company. In short, they are go-getters—they don’t simply back down. This rings true in romance and relationships, too.

They will help you reach your goals. These women are the best motivators. Chances are, they will be attracted to you because you have that same independent vibe they also possess, because as they say—like attracts like. She will help you persevere to reach your goals, those little wants that you’ve wanted to do for the past couple of years now. She’s probably going to help you cross out some items off your bucket list. Win-win.

Times are indeed changing as we become surrounded by beautiful and independent women. Don’t get intimidated, nor see it as a challenge. In fact, dating strong and independent women should be treated as a blessing—there’s no room for boredom, only growth, and more passion.

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Wise words by Enrique!

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