Quick Thoughts

So a couple of days ago, I went to this dating seminar which I’ve told you about previously here on my blog. It was a sight to see—it’s amazing how a lot of people are as interested in relationships, the art of seduction, and dating itself as much as I am.

It seems like I have a lot to learn still, and the article that I’ve written exactly a week ago is never enough to cover the entire topic of seduction. There are simply a lot of things and factors that will make a woman like you, so it seems—all of which are impossible to cover in a 500-word article. But it’s all a learning process, as they say. It will take baby steps to reach that certain kind of achievement that will always be fulfilling in the end. If there’s one thing that the seminar has made me realise, it would be the thought of sharing goals and dreams with a person you love will always be priceless. It makes the chase always worth it.

Well, I promise to keep you updated and I would stay in touch for as often as I could, so I could share with you all the things that I’ve learned during the New York seminar. The next entries should be exciting—stay tuned and til next time!

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