Enrique’s Picks: Hobbies That Will Let You Meet Women

Holler, buddies! I’ve previously blogged about ating independent women. The question now is where to find them.

Guys, I have news for you: bars aren’t the only places to meet great women! Girls have found some new places to frequent and you might be the last person to know.

Sticking with the usual bars and clubs will leave you with the exact same type of women. You may be missing on the chance to find someone better; one who does not happen to like neon lights and overflowing margaritas.

Oh, and guys, did I happen to tell you that men with unusual (no, not creepy) interests or those who are into improving themselves constantly are sexy? Yes, they are very attractive. At least, that’s what my female friends tell me. And what’s even more attractive is if that man happens to like the same things women are into.

While it is wise to learn the right Pickup techniques, it is equally wise to pick them up from the right places, lest you end up wasting your time with the wrong women.

So here’s a list of interesting hobbies that you can try spending some time on for a chance to meet girls (without looking like a neurotic drunk guy at the end of the night):

Join Cooking Classes:  With Gordon Ramsay’s rise to TV stardom, and all the other cooking shows and contests, the desire to learn how to cook better also rose to a record high. Okay, I don’t have a record but a lot of women have gotten the desire to learn to cook like a pro from watching DC Cupcakes and Masterchef; and thus the rise in enrollees in your local cooking school. This is one place where you’d be literally surrounded by women. And to be among the few home cooking men to join the culinary class, is sure to get you special treatment. (Oh, yes, a man who is good with cooking is sexy!)

Run for Love?  Yes, running has become the ‘in’ fitness thing of today. I don’t know what started the trend but more people are into running. And you know what that means: girls are into it too! It’s cheap, it’s fresh, and hey it’s healthy for you! You don’t even have to be a member of some group! Just make sure you stock up on some heavy duty deo and run early – that’s when all other runners come out.

Volunteer for Charity Work:  Girls can hardly resist kind-hearted men. Sparing a few hours of your time doing charity work to help with problem children, special children, soup kitchens, animal shelters, or whatever strikes your fancy, will allow you to meet equally kind-hearted ladies.’

Join A Poetry Club:  There’s almost always one artist café in every place. If you’re into Shakespeare and a fan of the written art, you’re likely to meet girls with the same interest in these places. Watch out for and join open mic and poetry reading nights. You’ll get both your literary fix and be surrounded by sexy, smart women. Oh and the coffee and the cookies are free!

Take Up Yoga:  Not so much for the yoga pants but I’m sure you’ll get your fix of that too, but joining a yoga class is (1) NOT GAY LIKE ALL YOUR FRIENDS SAY, (2) very healthy for your mind, soul and body, and (3) blessed with an abundance of girls. And the post-yoga aura is always warm and fresh so that no girl is ever grumpy after a yoga class. And guess what, yoga is actually good for the heart (literally and figuratively!).

It is such a bonus to find a hobby that you would like, that the presence of girls is just an added inspiration. Look for something you’ve been really dying to learn and start from there. Good luck!

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