Jumping Into Bed With Someone You Do Business With! :)

Guys, this is Enrique Quintero telling you that mixing business with pleasure is one of the toughest balancing acts you can ever get into – unless providing pleasure is your business.  It can still work, however, if you know just what to do; and that’s the subject of this blog!

Sometimes, the attraction is just way too strong that even professional and business bonds cannot get in the way of a good romance. We all know how attractive independent women are. But because pleasure and business are hardly ever on the same side, how do you maintain your professionalism when you are so attracted to someone in it?

Whether you are a real estate agent, a real estate client, a doctor, a contractor, or whatever your line of work may be, should you find yourself attracted to a business partner, a client or any business acquaintance in general, there are rules to follow to make sure that pleasure does not get in the way of business.

What You Should And Should Not Do:

  • Maintain a general air of professionalism at work. You cannot go lovey-dovey in the office and especially not when in front of other business colleagues.  Otherwise even if you manage to remain impartial your colleagues will never believe that your professional decisions are not adversely influenced by your relationship. Reader Dave Johnson once asked me:  “Enrique, what do you think is the most serious professional consequence of dating someone at work?” Well, Dave, speaking from experience (yes, I was once romantically involved with someone at work) I would say it is losing the confidence of your colleagues. Once that romantic link gets out, people will start second-guessing whether your decisions are colored by the relationship.  This may not be so bad when business is booming, but anything negative is often blamed on romantic relationships between colleagues.
  • Do not compliment her about how she looks or how she smells when inside business premises or when in a business meeting.  Heck, even if you guys are having sandwich alone, if the agenda is to talk about a business proposal, there is no way you are telling her how shapely her legs look in her trousers. Just. Don’t. Read this SonicSeduction.net guide on how to ask a girl out if you are not sure how to ask a business partner out to a date.
  • Be very discreet when you have to go out on dates. Go somewhere far from your office or business locations. It will greatly help you both maintain that mental distance between pleasure and your work.
  • Do not use a business advantage to make romantic advances. So she’s trying to get a contract with you and you’re thinking about using that to get a date with her. Honestly, that’s only slightly better than sexual harassment!   And should you still decide to leverage your position to get a date, don’t come crying over being ‘used’ afterwards; you’ve been warned!
  • Use your personal contacts for personal purposes and keep your business contacts for business purposes. That translates to ‘do not call her in the office if you want to take her to dinner tomorrow night’. Call her on her phone preferably outside working hours.
  • Resist that urge to make hidden, nasty remarks at the office; that’s almost as bad as airing dirty laundry in public.  Sure it gets tempting to exchange naughty innuendos with each other at work, but nothing can be more unprofessional.  Learn to control yourselves set clear boundaries between workplace and romance.
  • You need to be a different person at work and outside of it. While it may seem difficult, just remember how you cannot possibly be as sweet to office colleagues as you are to your own family. Each one of us already play different roles in life (son/daughter, sibling, colleague, subordinate, supervisor, etc.) so it should not be so hard to separate your professional life with your romantic relationships.
  • Don’t (as in NEVER) kiss and tell. Your newfound romance need not be the talk of the office.  So don’t go about bragging to friends how you ended up going home with your supplier or agent. Sure they can know – and they will, eventually. But it should not be the talk of the whole town.

Business and pleasure – yes, it can work. Believe it or not, it can. It takes hard work, sure, but it is possible. Just as long as you never forget that you are one part lover, one part professional/business owner. But if you are dating your boss, then that’s still another story.

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