I’m A Single Dad, And I Love It!

I recently bumped into an ex-colleague of mine who recently got divorced. I can tell that he’s itching to get back into the dating scene, however he’s really hesitant– probably because of the fear that goes with another person entering your life again. It’s not that easy. But! Enrique is always here to help 😉

Single dads are almost always overshadowed by single moms. Everything is almost always about single moms. How single moms should handle disciplining the kids, budgeting tips for single moms, dating tips for single moms – everything is about single moms.

This time around, I’ll give the stage for the gentlemen out there. Dating for single dads is just as hard as it is for single moms. Predominantly, there’s the ‘baby factor’ and the ‘ex factor’ for both and most every other factor that gets in the way of dating for single parents stem from both.

So in favor and honor of all the strong, confident and selfless single dads out there who are looking to spice up their dating lives and get a second (or third or fourth or fifth) chance at love, here are some very helpful dating tips for single dads:

Always put your kid first.

Do I even have to say it? Do I even have to stress it? No. You can never put anyone before your own child – especially not a girlfriend. Your kid is your flesh and blood, and there is nothing that can change that. Your girlfriend can leave you and break up with you while your kid will always be your kid no matter how old they get. So when you put yourself out there in the dating scene – especially for the first time – you should set your mind to this.

Famil1 Before this image crosses into your brain, make sure that you are ready and you’re not rushing into things.


Do not introduce every woman you meet to your kid/s.

Likewise, do not bring a woman into your home to meet your kid unless you’re 200% ready to commit into the relationship. You would be setting a bad example and sending the wrong message to your kids if they witness you jumping from one woman to another. Also, she might consider this as you rushing. You do not want this. If you want to know what she wants from you – a dating guide from SIBG.com may help. It would never be good either to have them watch your every breakup. That will make them lose respect towards you and may even scar their own relationships in the future.

Do not keep your kid a secret.

I know for a fact that kids can be a huge turn off for some women and it can hurt your chances with some. But starting on the wrong foot by keeping your kid a secret will make things worse in the long run. She is going to hate you the moment she finds out simply because you’ve broken her trust even before you earned it. Always be honest about having a kid. Trust me – your girlfriend/date will appreciate you for it, and your kid will love you even more for it.

Always look decent.

Just because you’re single does not mean you should dress younger than your teenage son; but just because you’re a dad does not mean you should look older than your own dad either. Getting a woman to like you quickly starts with you  taking care of yourself and looking good in the process. Dress well, dress decently, and dress attractively. Always look your best on a date and impress your lady like a good bachelor would.

Behave well.

You cannot just go on a one-night-stand spree after another, or be a complete player. Be the kind of man you’d want your daughter to date someday, and the man that your son would want to become in the future. You may be single but you’re a dad so always put that in mind. :)


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