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Enrique’s Sunday Rants Courtesy Of Richard!

Thanks for liking my last blog post, I’ve received a lot of good feedback on that one. Hope you can enjoy this article too – it’s a contribution from my childhood friend Richard. Enjoy!

If you think that you need to be good looking or you need an arsenal of some special moves in order to make a good first impression on women, you’re wrong. Sure, a pretty face can kick things off, but what good does it make if you’re rude, unpleasant and outright un-gentleman?

You also don’t have to be the richest, smartest or the tallest in order to stand out in the crowd. With the right attitude and these simple techniques, you can impress any woman you like whether in a bar, on the street or anywhere else.

Richard’s Method On Impressing Women :)

“Look Your Best”. Good genetics aside, the first thing you need to do to beat the competition is to look your best. And that means all the time. You have to dress up and clean up like you mean business, this how to get a woman like you. It’s been proven that most women love a shaven look though there are some who also adores the rugged appeal of a rough face, but since a good first impression is what you’re after, be on the safe side. Shave those whiskers, and then pick some great clothes to wear that match your personality and exude confidence wherever you go. That should get you started on the right foot with a few or more women checking you out here and there.

“Give a Firm Handshake.” When meeting any woman for the first time, don’t skip the formalities. A firm handshake always works on your good side. Not only does it start a friendly connection but it is an excellent way to break the ice. Body language experts have studied the gesture and research have proven time and again that a handshake indeed makes a difference during social interaction. Remember though that it should be firm not weak, loose or unintentional. Going without it, on one hand, would mean that it will take longer for a woman to be comfortable with your presence or company.

“Eye Contact is Key.” While a firm handshake is a good ice breaker, eye contact will keep the interaction going to the right direction. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take your eyes off her. You just need to maintain at least 80% of eye contact when you’re speaking with any woman (or any person for that matter) to let them know that you’re truly interested. If the woman sees and feel that you’re real and sincere, you just made a lasting good first impression. Learn how to talk to girls using this guide.

“Charm Her with a Smile.” If you think you’re shy and too nervous to meet women, you’re not alone. Majority of the male species experiences this problem too. But you have something that if used well can be a game changer. Smile at her regardless of how uncomfortable you are. Just the act of smiling give your confidence a boost and the gesture can disarm even the most snobbish women out there.

“Be a Gentleman.” Of course, nothing beats the old fashion way to win women. One of the best and proven ways to impress a woman is to act gentlemanly at all times. Grab every opportunity when you can show off this time tested trait. Whether it’s opening the door, pulling out a chair or getting her drinks, put your best foot forward. Prove to her that there are still men like you who are man enough to show your soft side by being a gentleman at all times.

Impressing a woman you met for the first time is not rocket science. You don’t need a masters or a doctorate in order to socially connect with the opposite sex. The simple techniques above have been proven, tested and researched on. All you need to do is use them and you’ll see that making a good first impression on a woman (or any other person) is not that hard after all.  Also see this related article by Forbes. :)

Good luck!

Rich (follow me on Twitter)

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I’m A Single Dad, And I Love It!

I recently bumped into an ex-colleague of mine who recently got divorced. I can tell that he’s itching to get back into the dating scene, however he’s really hesitant– probably because of the fear that goes with another person entering your life again. It’s not that easy. But! Enrique is always here to help 😉

Single dads are almost always overshadowed by single moms. Everything is almost always about single moms. How single moms should handle disciplining the kids, budgeting tips for single moms, dating tips for single moms – everything is about single moms.

This time around, I’ll give the stage for the gentlemen out there. Dating for single dads is just as hard as it is for single moms. Predominantly, there’s the ‘baby factor’ and the ‘ex factor’ for both and most every other factor that gets in the way of dating for single parents stem from both.

So in favor and honor of all the strong, confident and selfless single dads out there who are looking to spice up their dating lives and get a second (or third or fourth or fifth) chance at love, here are some very helpful dating tips for single dads:

Always put your kid first.

Do I even have to say it? Do I even have to stress it? No. You can never put anyone before your own child – especially not a girlfriend. Your kid is your flesh and blood, and there is nothing that can change that. Your girlfriend can leave you and break up with you while your kid will always be your kid no matter how old they get. So when you put yourself out there in the dating scene – especially for the first time – you should set your mind to this.

Famil1 Before this image crosses into your brain, make sure that you are ready and you’re not rushing into things.


Do not introduce every woman you meet to your kid/s.

Likewise, do not bring a woman into your home to meet your kid unless you’re 200% ready to commit into the relationship. You would be setting a bad example and sending the wrong message to your kids if they witness you jumping from one woman to another. Also, she might consider this as you rushing. You do not want this. If you want to know what she wants from you – a dating guide from SIBG.com may help. It would never be good either to have them watch your every breakup. That will make them lose respect towards you and may even scar their own relationships in the future.

Do not keep your kid a secret.

I know for a fact that kids can be a huge turn off for some women and it can hurt your chances with some. But starting on the wrong foot by keeping your kid a secret will make things worse in the long run. She is going to hate you the moment she finds out simply because you’ve broken her trust even before you earned it. Always be honest about having a kid. Trust me – your girlfriend/date will appreciate you for it, and your kid will love you even more for it.

Always look decent.

Just because you’re single does not mean you should dress younger than your teenage son; but just because you’re a dad does not mean you should look older than your own dad either. Getting a woman to like you quickly starts with you  taking care of yourself and looking good in the process. Dress well, dress decently, and dress attractively. Always look your best on a date and impress your lady like a good bachelor would.

Behave well.

You cannot just go on a one-night-stand spree after another, or be a complete player. Be the kind of man you’d want your daughter to date someday, and the man that your son would want to become in the future. You may be single but you’re a dad so always put that in mind. :)


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My Mistakes

Hey guys!  Enrique Quintero here hoping you can learn from my mistakes, many of which can be blamed on ‘failure to communicate’.  I am a man, after all, and we are known for frustrating our women by communicating with grunts and monosyllables – much like prehistoric cavemen did.

One of the most common problems girls have about men is their inability to open up. You may know the best tips on meeting and seducing women, but, tell you what, that is not enough. While we can go on and on yapping about what we want and what we don’t want, and how we feel in a relationship, most men just curl up like a threatened little red centipede.

It can get frustrating. If you think ‘Okay’ as an answer to an emotional question is fine, you’re dead wrong. If you think your one-word answers make our lives better and ‘easier’, sweetheart NO, IT DOES NOT.  And if you think avoiding the question and the ‘talk’ solves anything, a kid half your age or even younger knows that it never does.

Reader John Davies asked me “Enrique, why does my girl have so many questions?  Sometimes it feels like I am under investigation!”

John, you should be jumping up and down with joy.  Her many probing questions can only mean she is genuinely interested in you.  I’d do more than tolerate her if I were you – I would make it a point to communicate better.

It can never be emphasized enough that good communication is the secret to lasting relationships.  When a woman can’t get a decent answer from you, she gets frustrated and she’ll tell you about it, because women are much more open! Although, they talk excessively at times, you can’t really blame them if all you do is grunt or shake your head and they can elicit better responses from your pet hedgehog.  And when women get really frustrated they nag, which causes you to get angry, and eventually lead to a fight that no one really wants.

So when your girl wants you to open up, TALK!  Not sure how to? I can understand that.  Often the less you say the less chances there are to make mistakes – except when your silence is what’s ticking her off in the first place.  Here are some thoughts to help you convince yourself to be more open:

  • Talk is good – it is when a woman falls silent that is worrisome.  Most men balk at the mere mention of ‘The Talk’; This is the reason why they either come up with lame excuses to avoid it or just be present physically and be as evasive as possible. Guys, the one thing that you should understand is that talking is healthy in a relationship. Good communication is key to a healthy relationship. When you don’t come in as defensive or confrontational when she brings up the talk, she’ll be calm and nag much less.
  • Honesty may be the best policy, but better practice it with caution. There is a difference between blunt honesty and the tactful kind. The former makes it sound rude, critical, and offensive and can therefore start a fight. Such bluntness can make you sound bitter, especially if you’re financially challenged. The latter, on the other hand, is all about finding a better, more suitable, and least offensive manner in which to say things. Remember, it’s not only about what you’re saying but how you say it. And, girls being girls, be extra conscious of a woman’s heart – a.k.a. her sensitive heart.
  • To keep things getting out of hand, talk regularly about anything of interest to you and your partner. Never miss an opportunity to talk with her. After work, in the morning, on the phone, before you go to sleep – make it habit to talk and communicate as often as possible. You may be lucky and get hints of a small problem or irritant so you can do something about it early on.  DO not wait until things are out of hand and everything is erratic before you start talking. Always be honest and talk regularly. If you have not been doing this yet, practice it now for it’s never too late.

Good, regular and open communication is a key ingredient in the recipe of a successful relationship. Practice it early on to keep problems at bay.

I hope this helps you.  Take the time to visit the other articles on my blog.  If you have any questions you may email me at enrique@enriquequinterodesign.com or call me at 347 622 8310.

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Jumping Into Bed With Someone You Do Business With! :)

Guys, this is Enrique Quintero telling you that mixing business with pleasure is one of the toughest balancing acts you can ever get into – unless providing pleasure is your business.  It can still work, however, if you know just what to do; and that’s the subject of this blog!

Sometimes, the attraction is just way too strong that even professional and business bonds cannot get in the way of a good romance. We all know how attractive independent women are. But because pleasure and business are hardly ever on the same side, how do you maintain your professionalism when you are so attracted to someone in it?

Whether you are a real estate agent, a real estate client, a doctor, a contractor, or whatever your line of work may be, should you find yourself attracted to a business partner, a client or any business acquaintance in general, there are rules to follow to make sure that pleasure does not get in the way of business.

What You Should And Should Not Do:

  • Maintain a general air of professionalism at work. You cannot go lovey-dovey in the office and especially not when in front of other business colleagues.  Otherwise even if you manage to remain impartial your colleagues will never believe that your professional decisions are not adversely influenced by your relationship. Reader Dave Johnson once asked me:  “Enrique, what do you think is the most serious professional consequence of dating someone at work?” Well, Dave, speaking from experience (yes, I was once romantically involved with someone at work) I would say it is losing the confidence of your colleagues. Once that romantic link gets out, people will start second-guessing whether your decisions are colored by the relationship.  This may not be so bad when business is booming, but anything negative is often blamed on romantic relationships between colleagues.
  • Do not compliment her about how she looks or how she smells when inside business premises or when in a business meeting.  Heck, even if you guys are having sandwich alone, if the agenda is to talk about a business proposal, there is no way you are telling her how shapely her legs look in her trousers. Just. Don’t. Read this SonicSeduction.net guide on how to ask a girl out if you are not sure how to ask a business partner out to a date.
  • Be very discreet when you have to go out on dates. Go somewhere far from your office or business locations. It will greatly help you both maintain that mental distance between pleasure and your work.
  • Do not use a business advantage to make romantic advances. So she’s trying to get a contract with you and you’re thinking about using that to get a date with her. Honestly, that’s only slightly better than sexual harassment!   And should you still decide to leverage your position to get a date, don’t come crying over being ‘used’ afterwards; you’ve been warned!
  • Use your personal contacts for personal purposes and keep your business contacts for business purposes. That translates to ‘do not call her in the office if you want to take her to dinner tomorrow night’. Call her on her phone preferably outside working hours.
  • Resist that urge to make hidden, nasty remarks at the office; that’s almost as bad as airing dirty laundry in public.  Sure it gets tempting to exchange naughty innuendos with each other at work, but nothing can be more unprofessional.  Learn to control yourselves set clear boundaries between workplace and romance.
  • You need to be a different person at work and outside of it. While it may seem difficult, just remember how you cannot possibly be as sweet to office colleagues as you are to your own family. Each one of us already play different roles in life (son/daughter, sibling, colleague, subordinate, supervisor, etc.) so it should not be so hard to separate your professional life with your romantic relationships.
  • Don’t (as in NEVER) kiss and tell. Your newfound romance need not be the talk of the office.  So don’t go about bragging to friends how you ended up going home with your supplier or agent. Sure they can know – and they will, eventually. But it should not be the talk of the whole town.

Business and pleasure – yes, it can work. Believe it or not, it can. It takes hard work, sure, but it is possible. Just as long as you never forget that you are one part lover, one part professional/business owner. But if you are dating your boss, then that’s still another story.

Keep visiting this blog for more information on dating and relationships.  If you need more information I can be contacted by phone at 347 622 8310 or through email at enrique@enriquequinterodesign.com

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The Great Date Food War!

Yes guys, this is still Enrique Quintero reporting back for duty this time with a more light-hearted blog on the subject of dating.  This blog was prompted by an emailed question I received from Jim McDonald (JMcD@hotmail.com) who asked:  “Enrique, I want to take a girl out on a romantic date.  Which would you recommend it should be, a lunch date or a dinner date?”

Howdy Jim!  There are pros and cons to both lunch and dinner dates which you should consider before choosing which would be more appropriate.  Since the answer to your question would tend to be a bit long, I dedicated this blog post to discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Recently I have been dating again, and the girl that I am seeing has been asking me for lunch dates although I prefer dinners (for obvious reasons!).  What are the chances that a lunch date is going to lead to anything romantic? On the same note, how much more effective is a dinner date for your romantic advances?

Not a few men have had to ask themselves whether a lunch date is actually a good alternative to the usual dinner dates, or if it is just like wearing your wedding ring for a post-divorce date – it just kills every chance you have on the love department.

Can you possibly make a lunch date as romantic as a date for dinner? If you’re unsure how to get a woman to like you, a romantic date is high up the list. So choose very carefully.

Here is a list showing a comparison of the pros and cons of both lunch and dinner dates when it comes to romance:

Le Lunch Date…

One big disadvantage of a lunch date is you can’t be too intimate with each other.

Lunch dates are commonly deemed as casual and friendly things – you know, like what the girls of Sex and the City do every week – meet up for lunch to talk about their lives. The only thing romantic about their lunch dates with each other are the stories of their latest romantic pursuits. But is it always that way? Here are its pros and cons:


Lunch dates are a safer option. You can see your date’s face more clearly and you are safe from bogus women who want to mug you on your first date.

Lunch dates make for excellent take-off dates.  It is meant for that stage when you and your date are still feeling each other out and you are not yet sure how romantically inclined you are with her.

Lunch dates there allow you to explore your date’s potential without much pressure. The atmosphere is generally lighter and you’re not really obliged to linger because it’s freaking midday!

Lunch dates are perfect for quick dates.

Lunch dates are also almost always cheaper than dinner dates, so this may help if you are financially challenged.


Because they are usually quick, they make it impossible to get to know your dates better.

Lunch dates make women think there’s nothing more to the date and this may hamper your romantic intentions.

Lunch dates make it hard for potential intimacy. Seriously, who sits close to each other in the middle of a brightly lit bistro?

You can’t really get alcohol before 5pm can you?

Le Dinner Date

Dinner dates are romantic. Enough said.

The safest, most common and perhaps most overused type of date around, dinner dates always conjure up images of a dimly lit room, sweet violin music, and a fancy looking restaurant with extra rounds of drinks for you. But what are the cons to this time tested method? Let’s explore:


A dinner date is an upfront declaration of your intention for romance.

It is more intimate, considering more than half of the other people in the room are probably doing the same thing as you.

There’s alcohol at the bar – all night.


It is too tense and too intimate for a first date.

Dinner dates are usually more expensive than lunch dates.

The pressure to go romantic is too high – almost like a declaration of your intention to take the relationship further.


At the end of the day (no pun intended), I guess we can all just say the success of a date is more a matter of how than when or what time of day; the exception being that lunch is more appropriate for a first date.  You can even opt for a coffee date! Find out why coffee dates make great dates. If you play your cards well, then you might just be able to pull off the most romantic lunch date ever!

There Jim and all my other readers out there, I hope that helps.  I welcome comments to this blog and will even answer other dating and relationship questions which you can email to me at enrique@enriquequinterodesign.com or you can simply give me a call at 347 622 8310.

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I Used To Fake It…

You know why girls choose douche bags and players? Yes, exactly. They’re more confident! I’m really not that confident myself, which has pretty much made me a failure. Their sex appeal comes from that security they have in themselves; they channel their own self confidence to their dates and in turn, the girls feel just as confident with them.

This is where most nice guys fail. They fail to impress their dates the first time because they are too fidgety, they cannot look in her eyes, and they are almost always distracted. The first date blues always get them and their true personality – the nice, warm, loving, admirable traits – are overshadowed by their lack of self confidence. Instead they come out as not serious enough, boring, and maybe even rude at some point.

Confidence is the sexiest thing in anyone – men and women alike. Of course it takes a lot of brains, too, to recognize the difference between confident and cocky.

If you’re the type that runs out of things to say or gets the nerves when on a date or you just need the extra kick in the gut for your next date, here are some ways to fake your confidence:

Wear something nice but comfortable. When looking for clothes to wear on a date, always go for something that makes you feel handsome. Wearing something too fancy may not feel natural, further eroding your confidence.

Posture, posture!  Slouching makes your date feel unimportant. It makes her feel like you’re disinterested in talking with her, or you’re not taking her seriously. Sit up straight, cross your legs if you need to but keep a straight back. You’ll get used to it. If you need more help in correcting a slouch, read this Health Guidance article.

Hold your drink with one hand, preferably your left.  It keeps your hand busy, gives you something to ‘play with’ so you keep yourself from tapping on the table or clasping something very tightly, both of which are dead giveaways for nervousness.

Preparation is important.  Give yourself a mental pep talk before your date comes in. Everything you’re scared of is just in your brain. This date is not a matter of life or death and if this fails, then head on over to the next. Your date is probably as scared as you. And there’s nothing wrong with you. Tell yourself random stuff that will keep you happy and calm.

Come early. Being late will make you extra nervous, not to mention earn you a turnoff point, especially if you’re meeting the girl at your date location.  If you come early you will have time to relax and take in the atmosphere of the place before your date arrives.

A friend asked me once how important is it to show confidence during a date.  And my answer was that the two most important things to show on a date are your confidence and your sincerity (which allows your date to feel very important).  You need to at least have sense enough not to let your date notice your lack of confidence.

This is where ‘fake it until you make it’ applies quite well. After a few more dates with different women, and socializing with more people, you’ll likely be used to it and it will become a natural part of your personality. Bottom line is, attracting women is not hard if you follow this blueprint exactly as it is. And always remember to have fun!

If you need more help you can always call me at 347 622 8310 or email your questions to enrique@enriquequinterodesign.com

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Online Dating Is Overrated, And Scammy!

I don’t like online dating, but . . .

Nowadays, there is no longer any need for men to go through the embarrassment and pain that comes with hanging out at bars and night clubs hoping to pick up women. If you hate buying expensive drinks for women, which does not actually guarantee anything, or if you hate dancing, then you will love what online seduction has to offer.

But the main reasons why I really don’t like online dating are because of the proliferation of scams and my being uncomfortable with anything other than a face to face meeting.  Technology cannot give you the ‘feel’ that an initial face-to-face date will.

Of course there are other ways to meet women, like having a hobby but if we are unsuccessful using face-to-face interactions or if we don’t have time for probing personal dates, then perhaps we can (reluctantly) consider turning to dating websites.  Online dating websites provide easy, fast and effective ways for you to get dates with gorgeous women without even having to leave the comforts of your own home. What man would not be interested in fast and easy results?

One thing you may have to learn is how to communicate with women through instant messages and emails. Once you learn, however, you can use technology to effortlessly communicate and build rapport with women who interest you. Here are several tips which can help you succeed with women through the World Wide Web:

  1. Be Patient.  Nothing will make you look more creepy and more needy than flooding the woman that you are interested in with a stream of messages before she even gets the chance to reply to you. So, try to be patient and don’t freak out if she fails to reply sometimes, either.
  2. Check Your Spelling.  Online dating is one of the very few cases where you actually have to pay attention to the way that you type things online. Although it isn’t a necessity, you will score brownie points if you communicate with women with flawless punctuation, spelling and grammar online at all times.
  3. Think Things Through.  Before you send anything to a woman online, make sure you think things through first. Try to sound clever and witty, but not fresh. Also, if you think you are comfortable enough with each other, tease her every now and then.  If the woman you are hitting on is extremely hot, then you should consider the fact that other men are busting their balls trying to get her attention too. If you’d like to give yourself an edge, and I am sure you do, here is a blog that is recommended highly by many. By showing her that you are a fun guy, she will be more inclined to reply to your messages faster.
  4. Keep Things Short.  Face it: women won’t spend more than 10 minutes reading a message online nor will she wait for you if it takes you that long to reply to her instant message, either. So, keep things short. Online dating is meant to be fun, so use as few words and sentences as possible to keep her interested.
  5. Focus on her.  In general, people love talking about themselves, especially women. So, ask as many questions as possible and keep the focus on her. Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to try and impress a woman on the Internet. Just get to know her better by asking different questions about her interests and you can win her over in no time.
  6. Proceed with caution.  Be careful of the legal implications of whatever you wish to post – never post inappropriate messages and images.  Be wary of scams and do not readily give out personal details before checking out the website and its reputation.  Be aware that, just as you have the contact details of hundreds of women, the one you are interested in also has your image and details along with that of hundreds of other men to choose from; there is no guarantee that you will even be noticed.

Online dating indeed has become very popular these days, especially with the advent of smartphones which allows seamless connection through the internet. If there’s any advantage in online dating, I think it’s the fact that you can be yourself anonymously – at least until you are comfortable enough for an eventual meet-up. You also get an initial chemistry test without having to spend time together.

To add more icing to the cake, I have friend who has actually found true love through online dating. Sounds sweet? Tell me.

For more wise words from Enrique, keep visiting this blog, call me at at 347 622 8310.  I also answer questions sent to enrique@enriquequinterodesign.com

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Pop Quiz: Would You Date a Friend’s Ex? Can You Date a Friend’s Ex?

Hello people.  I am Enrique Quintero and I say there is nothing harder on the emotion than having to choose between a good friend and the one you love.  But what if it can’t be helped?

“Mates before dates” can be as simple as going for boys’ night out over a dinner date with your girl. But, it becomes a very complicated, very messy situation when it comes to whether or not it is okay to date your friend’s ex.

Last week I blogged about hobbies that would let you meet women. But what if, no matter what you do, you find your friend’s ex really attractive?

Really, what does the bro code say about going out with your buddy’s former fling? When is it okay to date a friend’s ex? Or is it ever okay?

The Big Issue

The biggest issue that comes with dating someone your close friend has dated is the question of loyalty. You cannot stop your mate from suspecting that you have been eyeing his girl even while they were still together. And you can’t really blame him if he wonders if you actually made advances to her behind his back. After all, he will never know.

And this is a fact for both male and female relationships.  We may argue, ‘no one owns anybody and we are free to date and love whoever we damn well please’. But then again, would you seriously say that to someone you call ‘brother from another mother’ in the face?

If you decide to go for it, you might find these rules handy.

The Factors to Consider

If you are thinking about pursuing a girl who’s dated your friend, there might be questions you need to ask yourself and factors you have to consider before making a move.

  1. Time : Time here refers to both how long your friend and his ex were together, and how long ago it was since they’ve broken up. If it was a long, serious relationship – say, something that started since they were in High School, I don’t think that’s something you want to get involved in. But then again, if they have broken up two years ago, then it may be okay.

2. Intention:  Why do you want to pursue the girl? Why would the girl want to date you? Are you looking at scoring off in an unspoken competition with your friend? Is she using you as a rebound, and the perfect accessory to have her revenge on your friend?  You are in for bad times unless it is true love that drives you.

3. Their current situation: Bad breakups take a really long time to get over from. If it wasn’t a mutual situation, and your friend was dumped, think again about taking his ex out. He will either

a) think you’re the cause of the breakup and you are a traitor or

b) she was using him the whole time to get you. Boys can be overly dramatic too you know. And besides, you really wouldn’t want to be the poor rebound guy.

But if they both have fully moved on from each other, and they can actually be civil, then maybe you can get your hopes up a teeny bit.

4. Timing:  In any situation, timing is everything: when to pursue the girl, when to tell your friend, when to take her to your common social circle – the slightest mistimed move could jeopardize both your friendship with your buddy and your blooming relationship with the lady in question.

The Bottom Line

The most important question, perhaps, that you should ask when thinking about pursuing a buddy’s former romance is this: will it be worth all the trouble and the risk of losing a friend?  Unless you want to be the douche bag and the jerk in your social circle, better ask that question before dialing her number.

Read this Seduction FAQ blog post now if you think you’re better off attracting other women.

So you might ask: what’s my take on this? If I were faced with such a situation, I would stay away from it UNLESS I really really, really think I want a serious relationship with her.

Just my two cents.

I’d love to hear what you think about this blog article.  You can post your comments directly on this blog or send them to enrique@enriquequinterodesign.com You can also reach me at phone number 347 622 8310.

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Enrique’s Picks: Hobbies That Will Let You Meet Women

Holler, buddies! I’ve previously blogged about ating independent women. The question now is where to find them.

Guys, I have news for you: bars aren’t the only places to meet great women! Girls have found some new places to frequent and you might be the last person to know.

Sticking with the usual bars and clubs will leave you with the exact same type of women. You may be missing on the chance to find someone better; one who does not happen to like neon lights and overflowing margaritas.

Oh, and guys, did I happen to tell you that men with unusual (no, not creepy) interests or those who are into improving themselves constantly are sexy? Yes, they are very attractive. At least, that’s what my female friends tell me. And what’s even more attractive is if that man happens to like the same things women are into.

While it is wise to learn the right Pickup techniques, it is equally wise to pick them up from the right places, lest you end up wasting your time with the wrong women.

So here’s a list of interesting hobbies that you can try spending some time on for a chance to meet girls (without looking like a neurotic drunk guy at the end of the night):

Join Cooking Classes:  With Gordon Ramsay’s rise to TV stardom, and all the other cooking shows and contests, the desire to learn how to cook better also rose to a record high. Okay, I don’t have a record but a lot of women have gotten the desire to learn to cook like a pro from watching DC Cupcakes and Masterchef; and thus the rise in enrollees in your local cooking school. This is one place where you’d be literally surrounded by women. And to be among the few home cooking men to join the culinary class, is sure to get you special treatment. (Oh, yes, a man who is good with cooking is sexy!)

Run for Love?  Yes, running has become the ‘in’ fitness thing of today. I don’t know what started the trend but more people are into running. And you know what that means: girls are into it too! It’s cheap, it’s fresh, and hey it’s healthy for you! You don’t even have to be a member of some group! Just make sure you stock up on some heavy duty deo and run early – that’s when all other runners come out.

Volunteer for Charity Work:  Girls can hardly resist kind-hearted men. Sparing a few hours of your time doing charity work to help with problem children, special children, soup kitchens, animal shelters, or whatever strikes your fancy, will allow you to meet equally kind-hearted ladies.’

Join A Poetry Club:  There’s almost always one artist café in every place. If you’re into Shakespeare and a fan of the written art, you’re likely to meet girls with the same interest in these places. Watch out for and join open mic and poetry reading nights. You’ll get both your literary fix and be surrounded by sexy, smart women. Oh and the coffee and the cookies are free!

Take Up Yoga:  Not so much for the yoga pants but I’m sure you’ll get your fix of that too, but joining a yoga class is (1) NOT GAY LIKE ALL YOUR FRIENDS SAY, (2) very healthy for your mind, soul and body, and (3) blessed with an abundance of girls. And the post-yoga aura is always warm and fresh so that no girl is ever grumpy after a yoga class. And guess what, yoga is actually good for the heart (literally and figuratively!).

It is such a bonus to find a hobby that you would like, that the presence of girls is just an added inspiration. Look for something you’ve been really dying to learn and start from there. Good luck!

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The Alpha Female: Why Dating Independent Women is Sexy

You’ve seen them in films—those women who exude confidence, who have a strong-willed personality, who can pay for their own clothes and bills, and those who love life in general—yes, I’m talking about the independent woman.

The independent woman is coming out of her shell as time goes by, and I can’t help but admire them because of their passion and perseverance. These women aren’t the kind who’d throw a fit when they don’t get their things their way, but instead keep on finding ways to improve their situation and work things out. They are your everyday warriors—be it in the office, at home, or both—and they still manage to make themselves look good while they’re at it.

Some time in May I was able to stumble upon a DTC Water to Wine live event that had Michael D’Amari promoting his book: “Woman Hold the Power”. This guy had a lot of interesting things to say, so I immediately searched YouTube for more of his videos. Here’s one in which D’Amari is explaining why men get intimidated by independent women. I say that it’s making a lot of sense, as seen from a man and a woman’s perspective:

Quite refreshing, isn’t it? But no matter what is being said, it all boils down to this– having an independent woman on your side means your relationship is more likely to grow more every day—and here’s why.

They know what they want. What sets the independent woman from the rest is that they truly know what they want AND know how to get it on their own. In dating, this is always good, because there’s no need for you to decipher what she wants from you. She will most likely tell it to you in a very direct but tactful way, so don’t act surprised if she will give you pointers on how to do it right the next time. Trust me—it’s all for the better.

They won’t give up that easily. Most independent women are successful in their own ways. They have, probably exerted a little more effort in order for them to reach that top position in that reputable company. In short, they are go-getters—they don’t simply back down. This rings true in romance and relationships, too.

They will help you reach your goals. These women are the best motivators. Chances are, they will be attracted to you because you have that same independent vibe they also possess, because as they say—like attracts like. She will help you persevere to reach your goals, those little wants that you’ve wanted to do for the past couple of years now. She’s probably going to help you cross out some items off your bucket list. Win-win.

Times are indeed changing as we become surrounded by beautiful and independent women. Don’t get intimidated, nor see it as a challenge. In fact, dating strong and independent women should be treated as a blessing—there’s no room for boredom, only growth, and more passion.

There’s nothing more special than seducing the strong and sophisticated woman. Read this (recommended) if you want to know how to practise modern seduction techniques that really work to make her go home with you!

Wise words by Enrique!

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