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Enrique’s Sunday Rants Courtesy Of Richard!

Thanks for liking my last blog post, I’ve received a lot of good feedback on that one. Hope you can enjoy this article too – it’s a contribution from my childhood friend Richard. Enjoy!

If you think that you need to be good looking or you need an arsenal of some special moves in order to make a good first impression on women, you’re wrong. Sure, a pretty face can kick things off, but what good does it make if you’re rude, unpleasant and outright un-gentleman?

You also don’t have to be the richest, smartest or the tallest in order to stand out in the crowd. With the right attitude and these simple techniques, you can impress any woman you like whether in a bar, on the street or anywhere else.

Richard’s Method On Impressing Women :)

“Look Your Best”. Good genetics aside, the first thing you need to do to beat the competition is to look your best. And that means all the time. You have to dress up and clean up like you mean business, this how to get a woman like you. It’s been proven that most women love a shaven look though there are some who also adores the rugged appeal of a rough face, but since a good first impression is what you’re after, be on the safe side. Shave those whiskers, and then pick some great clothes to wear that match your personality and exude confidence wherever you go. That should get you started on the right foot with a few or more women checking you out here and there.

“Give a Firm Handshake.” When meeting any woman for the first time, don’t skip the formalities. A firm handshake always works on your good side. Not only does it start a friendly connection but it is an excellent way to break the ice. Body language experts have studied the gesture and research have proven time and again that a handshake indeed makes a difference during social interaction. Remember though that it should be firm not weak, loose or unintentional. Going without it, on one hand, would mean that it will take longer for a woman to be comfortable with your presence or company.

“Eye Contact is Key.” While a firm handshake is a good ice breaker, eye contact will keep the interaction going to the right direction. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take your eyes off her. You just need to maintain at least 80% of eye contact when you’re speaking with any woman (or any person for that matter) to let them know that you’re truly interested. If the woman sees and feel that you’re real and sincere, you just made a lasting good first impression.¬†Learn how to talk to girls using this guide.

“Charm Her with a Smile.” If you think you’re shy and too nervous to meet women, you’re not alone. Majority of the male species experiences this problem too. But you have something that if used well can be a game changer. Smile at her regardless of how uncomfortable you are. Just the act of smiling give your confidence a boost and the gesture can disarm even the most snobbish women out there.

“Be a Gentleman.” Of course, nothing beats the old fashion way to win women. One of the best and proven ways to impress a woman is to act gentlemanly at all times. Grab every opportunity when you can show off this time tested trait. Whether it’s opening the door, pulling out a chair or getting her drinks, put your best foot forward. Prove to her that there are still men like you who are man enough to show your soft side by being a gentleman at all times.

Impressing a woman you met for the first time is not rocket science. You don’t need a masters or a doctorate in order to socially connect with the opposite sex. The simple techniques above have been proven, tested and researched on. All you need to do is use them and you’ll see that making a good first impression on a woman (or any other person) is not that hard after all. ¬†Also see this related article by Forbes. :)

Good luck!

Rich (follow me on Twitter)

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